Welcome to Charme Hungary Dance Club!

Who are we?

A Hungarian same-sex dance association founded in 2009. A group of young people who enjoy training a few times a week and take part in international dance tournaments successfully. Our teachers are well-known competition dancers, Margarita Vyshetravskaya, Csaba Inotai, Zsuzsa Katona and István Zsigovics.

Our dance association was founded with the aim of creating a sports community for LGBTQ people in Budapest, Hungary. We organize monthly social dance parties and same-sex dance courses to create a platform for LGBTQ people to do sports, to socialize and to feel a sense of community. Our purpose is to strengthen the self-acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ people in Hungary by promoting same-sex dancing which questions the traditional gender roles in dancing and in society.There are same-sex dance competitions almost every month in one of the European cities, so this sport also offers a great opportunity to travel and make friends all over the world.

Join us if

  • you are interested in this sport, like the community and would like to spend an evening enjoying the rhythm of chacha or tango music
  • you would like to start dancing in one of our courses. We offer dance courses for beginners and for advanced dancers, too
  • you fancy experimenting with gender roles and would like to see what it is like to lead or follow or swap roles during a dance. It's not that easy at all but a lot of fun!
  • you would like to come to one of our social dance parties which we organize every month. You can watch dance movies, meet new people and try the steps you learnt at our courses.

More information about our courses and parties at:
facebook: Charme Hungary Dance Club


See you soon!